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---A Noda Junko Fan Page---

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(Last update: 2012/02/14)
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歡迎來到 Sunglasses:聲優野田順子的中英文Fan網站。

NEWS —不定期更新的野田最新消息。
PROFILE —野田的個人檔案。
WORKS —野田的演出及音樂作品資料。
COMMENTS —關於本站以及野田的介紹、感想、Live報告及常見問題集。
LINKS —網站連結與相關資訊。

假如想與我們分享您對野田的愛(笑)或對本站有任何問題, 請至留言版或者寫信給我們。


Welcome to Sunglasses: a Chinese/English fan site of the seiyuu Noda Junko.

In this site, you can find:
NEWS --the newest information about Nodajun.
PROFILE --a brief profile of Nodajun.
WORKS --datas about Nodajun's acting and music works.
COMMENTS -- about the site. introduction, comments, Live reports and FAQ about Nodajun.
GUESTBOOK --a place where you can leave message to us.
LINKS --links and linking information.

If you want to share you love(smile) for Nodajun or have any problem about this site, please leave it at Guestbook or E-mail to us.
All the contents of this site are not allowed to be copied in any form without permission.

We appreciate your presence!

(C)Sunglasses is created by K.A.B. since 2002/06/01
All rights reserved.