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About Sunglasses       關於本站
About Nodajun       關於野田順子
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About Sunglasses 關於本站

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Q: 為何成立這個網站?
Q: Why did we make this page?
A: 當然是因為....我們是野田Fans啊∼。(除了BM以外....你這個奸細!)
A: Certainly because that....we are fans of Nodajun~. (Except BM, you spy!)
Q: 為何名為「Sunglasses」?
Q: Why do we call it "Sunglasses"?
A: 因為我們一致覺得墨鏡(Sunglasses)是最適合野田的意象(笑)。(請看我們的Banner)
A: Because we all agree that "sunglasses" is the most proper image for Noda-san. (smile) (Look our banner)
Q: 為何要中英文並列?
Q: Why do we use both Chinese & English?
A: 因為 1. 中文是我們的母語。
2. 為了將野田推銷給全世界(笑),我們需要另一種更具世界性的語言(英文)。
A: Because 1. Chinese is our mother tongue.
2. In order to introduce Nodajun to the world (smile), we need to use a language which is more international (English).
Q: 什麼是K.A.B.?
Q: What is K.A.B.?
A: K.A.B. 是本站三位作者的秘密結社化名縮寫。
A: K.A.B. is the secret association abbreviation of the three authors' name.
K for katsura, A for Aya, B for BM.
Katsura's Travel Album      
(Comments and pictures about my trip to Tokyo, 2002.)
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About Nodajun 關於野田順子

In our views, Nodajun is...       我們眼中的野田...

General comments on Noda works       Nodajun作品評介

Fly away with Noda Junko       與野田順子一同飛行
(Comments about Noda's 1st album "FLY AWAY" and others)
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Enjoy a handmade festival!       Tea-Cups 女子部 Event Report
~ Here and There ~       Noda Junko 4th Live Report
TRICK or TREAT vol.1       Noda Junko 2005 Talk Live Report

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In our views, Nodajun is...
我最喜歡的聲優 / 歌手。聲優方面,具有令人驚異的偽裝演技與變聲能力(笑); 歌唱方面,則擁有聽了能令人陰霾全掃的晴朗歌聲。
My favorite seiyuu / singer. As a seiyuu (voice actress), she has amazing pretending acting skill and voice-changing ability (smile). As a singer, she has such a sunny voice that can always make listeners feel cheerful.
Besides, she has a likable character with good sense of humor. Although she is usually described as "boyish", I think she actually is a sensitive person.
一個集朝氣、可愛、細心、搞笑、內斂於一身的人。 她的歌曲與歌聲是最陽光的綜合體,百聽不厭,而且心情會變得很好。 還有,一個戀愛遊戲女主角的聲優,在event上穿著褲裝,還把長裙當成大衣來穿的, 在日本應該再沒有第二個了吧!正因為這樣矛盾的特質, 讓我深深陷入這位不知讓多少少男破滅(?)過的可愛聲優的世界中。呵呵。
A vigorous, cute, attentive, humorous and introvert person. Her songs and her voice is a combination of the brightest sun. It's endlessly harmonious, and spreads out good mood. Besides that, where can you find a seiyuu in Japanese ACG world, that the heroine of a love-simulation game, wears a pair of jeans and a coat that is made out of a skirt on a concert event? None. And because of this unique contradictory, I fell into her lovely world that destroyed(?) numerous boys' dreams. Hehe.
雖然不是fan, 可是聽到她的歌會讓我想起「飛」和「公路」, 在個人來說這兩個詞都很有特殊意義, 所以隨之也感到一點的親切感, 至於為什麼不是fan, 可能是因為還沒找到想陷入的地方吧? (衹是我也不是間諜)
Although I'm not a Fan, Her songs lead me to think of "Flying" and "Highway", these're very special words for me personally, so a kind of familiar feeling comes up. Why I'm not a Fan... maybe it's because I still can't find anything about her that I want to fall in? (but it doesn't mean I'm a SPY)
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Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題集

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Q1: How can I get Nodajun's CD & DVDs?Q1: 要怎麼買野田的CD或DVD呢?
Q2: How does Nodajun look like?Q2: 野田到底長什麼樣子?
Q3: Is there any DVD of Nodajun's Live released?Q3: 野田的Live有出DVD嗎?
Q4: Does Nodajun have a boyfriend?Q4: 野田有男朋友嗎?

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